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Are You Intuit?

Apr 7, 2021

With the onset of COVID-19, child safety has been a primary concern for most parents, families and educators, not to mention organizations that serve children.

Our guest this episode is Judy Bannon, founder and executive director of the Cribs for Kids organization.

Judy has 22 years experience. Her organization has helped two (2) million families, distributed one (1) million cribs nationally, 100,000 cribs throughout Western PA, and collaborates with 1,800 partnering agencies that serve in the best interest of infants and children.

Also, Judy and her daughter, Jennifer Bannon, co-authored a book entitled: "Five Ladies And A Forklift".

The book reflects the founding of the organization and includes inspiring pages about leadership and social impact initiatives.

Producer: Lillie Leonardi

Tech Producer: Chris Sichi

Music By: George Skaroulis

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