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Are You Intuit?

Mar 10, 2021

Our topic for this episode is all about Trauma & Healing.

The COVID pandemic, current political climate and the horrific events at the Capitol have caused great distress to humanity, our nation and the global community.

Per the American Psychiatric Association (APA) recent poll suggests that 62% of Americans feel more anxious than they did at this time last year.

This marks a sizable increase over APA polls of the past three (3) years in which the percentage ranged between 32% and 39%.

New APA Poll Shows Surge in Anxiety Among Americans Top Causes Are Safety, COVID-19, Health, Gun Violence, and the Upcoming Election. When asked what made individuals extremely or somewhat anxious, Americans related that keeping themselves and their family safe was the primary concern. ***

On today’s podcast, we have three (3) knowledgeable women and thought leaders that will share info about trauma, its effects and healing elements that may help to restore the connection of mind, body and spirit. Each brings vast expertise in their respective fields.

This episode will also introduce: Dr. Sheila Roth, Dr. Kathleen Shoop and Dr. Madhu Bazaz Wangu as the initial Cypress podcasters.

Cypress is an ecosystem of learning and multi-media project developed by Passages & Prose, LLC. It is a network of individuals, creative content, culture, strategy and current themes all of which have an impact on both the formal and informal learning processes that take place globally.

In the coming months, new podcasters with unique voices will join in the collective of innovative creators.

Producer: Lillie Leonardi
Tech Producer: Chris Sichi
Music By: George Skaroulis

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I Believe!
Do You?

*** Source: American Psychiatric Association News (10/21/2020)