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Are You Intuit?

Mar 17, 2021

Amanda Lee is not only an artist she is a highly successful businesswoman, social entrepreneur and modern day patron of young female artists.

Since she could hold a crayon, Amanda has engaged in some art form.

She initially learned about art from her grandmother who she fondly called “Nana”.

Her first paintings were on trees.

The artist still likes to use natural elements in my creative works.

Murals were her initial means of income as an artist.

As a business owner of a glassware studio, her first hand painted glasses reflected the Pittsburgh skyline and words like “Yinzers” which is definitely a ‘Burgh thing.

“Hand painted with love and maybe a little wine” is her mantra and reflects her authentic spirit and energy.

Her current project is entitled: 17 Portraits and includes collage images of significant individuals in her life.

She began this project by creating an inspiring piece of her art mentor, Jay.

Whether the good, bad or the ugly of these relationships, the individuals either nurtured or hindered her life.

In some way, each helped her to heal and prepare her to become the impassioned woman and artist she is today.

Her glassware is now available for on-line purchase in all 50 states and 30 countries globally.

Amanda’s passion is collage art.


Producer: Lillie Leonardi

Tech Producer: Chris Sichi

Music By: George Skaroulis

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I Believe!

Do You?