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Are You Intuit?

Apr 8, 2019

This episode shares the spiritual journey of earthly Angels Among Us.


Judy Bannon founded the Cribs for Kids organization in 1998.  Her intention was deep-rooted by personal tragedy that caused great trauma to her family.  As a small child, Judy witnessed her three year-old brother’s death.  During the little boy’s funeral service, she recalls how she overheard her mother utter, “No parent should ever have to bury their child.”


And so, Judy’s quest to fulfill her mother’s wish was the origin of her driving force to secure safe sleep for all infants.


Tune in to learn about the ABC’s of safe sleep and the five-pillar mission of a non-profit organization (headquartered in Pittsburgh PA) that has supplied over 600,000 cribs to infants and their families. 


Judy and her daughter, Jennifer chronicled the story of the Cribs for Kids movement from humble beginnings to a multi-million dollar national non-profit in the book entitled: Five Ladies And A Forklift.






I Believe!

Do You?


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