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Are You Intuit?

Feb 6, 2019

spiritual journey is a process of reconciliation and education through enlightenment. At times, it is a journey to a sacred place or shrine of significance based on an individual's religious beliefs. Each journey is a unique experience to each individual.


Today’s guest, Joanna Papada has an interesting story to share about her spiritual journey.


She is the Vice-President of External and Government Relations at Manchester Bidwell Corporation. She is also Co-Founder of Change the Game Inc. a youth based development organization that uses movement to unlock the power of self awareness. In addition, Joanna is the President of MHY Family Services Board of Directors. MHY Family Services is an organization with a mission to promote the safety, health, education and spiritual well being of youth and families.


Before moving to Pittsburgh in 1996 Joanna, spent 19 years in the professional theatre. Initially she worked as a Broadway Stage Manager and then after receiving her Master of Fine Arts in Directing from Penn State, she was the Producing Artistic Director of South Jersey Regional Theatre in South Jersey.