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Are You Intuit?

Feb 6, 2019

A God Wink is often described as: an event or personal experience identified as a coincidence, and so astonishing, that it is seen as a sign of divine intervention, especially when it is perceived as an answer to a prayer. A God wink is what some individuals might refer to as a miracle.


During stressful times of uncertainty, an individual is in need of certainty in their life and turn to elements of faith and hope. A God wink just may be message of reassurance from above as a means to sustain hope.

Our guest, Judy Bannon is Executive Director and Founder of Cribs For Kids non-profit organization. She founded the Cribs for Kids organization in 1998 with the help of the greater Pittsburgh community. By 2006, it expanded into a national organization through partnerships with corporations, as well as, support from foundations.

Offering the entire program at no cost quickly expanded the number of partners to over 1,100 nationwide. To date, this program has provided cribs to over 600,000 families and safe-sleep education to millions through this network of partners.


Judy has been recognized by the National Center for Child Death Review with the Making the Difference Award in 2009 and is a proud recipient of the 2012 Circle of Commendation Award from the Consumer Products Safety Commission.


In 2014, she received the Distinguished Educator Award at the International SIDS/Stillbirth Conference in Amsterdam for her contributions to parental support, professional education and prevention of sudden infant deaths.


Judy and her daughter, Jennifer Bannon, chronicled the story of the Cribs for Kids movement in their book, Five Ladies And A Forklift. The book reflects moments when God winked in Judy’s direction to better aide the infants served.