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Are You Intuit?

Mar 20, 2018

Episode 6: Reiki & Healing Arts


In this episode, our focus is on Reiki & Healing Arts.

www.susan-amorose.comReiki = The channeling of energy in a hands-on or hands-off process.

QiGong = A holistic system that combines movement, breathing, and meditation.

Our guest, Dr. Susan Amorose shares about how healing arts help restore mind, body and spirit.

Susan holds a doctorate in Medical QiGong [chee-kung] and is a Reiki Master, clinical practitioner, certifying instructor for integrative healing and alternative therapies. 

Guest: Dr. Susan Amorose


Music: Numinous

Artist: George Skaroulis


Production Team:      

  • Andrew Conte, Director at Center for Media Innovation 
  • Tonia Caruso, Executive Producer 
  • Lillie Leonardi, Producer, Host 
  • Maria Pisano, Director 
  • Alex Elnicki, Producer 
  • Amy Philips-Haller, Producer 
  • J.J. Nicholas, Assistant Producer 
  • Angela Altieri, Advertising Assistant 
  • Ariel Jackson, Marketing Assistant 


This episode of Are You Intuit was made possible by: 

  • Michele Conti, Attorney At Law
  • June Esser, Mental Health Practitioner
  • Julia Kramer, Financial Literacy Educator & Coach
  • Wendy Long, Solutions for Independence
  • Lois Vitti, Attorney At Law


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