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Are You Intuit?

Mar 18, 2018

In this episode, Lillie explores the topic of "Awakening" of spirit.

An Awakening is defined as: a moment of becoming suddenly aware of something.

From a religious perspective, one may refer to an awakening as moving from darkness into the light.



Gail Hunter, Psychotherapist, Founding Member of OMA Pittsburgh

(Center of Mind, Body, Spirit)


To connect with Gail, please visit:


Music: Numinous

Artist: George Skaroulis


Production Team:      

  • Andrew Conte, Director at Center for Media Innovation 
  • Tonia Caruso, Executive Producer 
  • Lillie Leonardi, Producer, Host 
  • Maria Pisano, Director 
  • Alex Elnicki, Producer 
  • Amy Philips-Haller, Producer 
  • J.J. Nicholas, Assistant Producer 
  • Angela Altieri, Advertising Assistant 
  • Ariel Jackson, Marketing Assistant 


This episode of Are You Intuit was made possible by: 

  • Michele Conti, Attorney At Law
  • June Esser, Mental Health Practitioner
  • Julia Kramer, Financial Literacy Educator & Coach
  • Wendy Long, Solutions for Independence
  • Lois Vitti, Attorney At Law


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